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About Slime

Since 1989, Slime has been committed to providing our customers with high quality, innovative tire care products. As the worldwide leader in tire care, we offer a complete line that allows us to present retailers and distributors with a category solution, while giving customers the tools they need to care for their tires, save money, stay safe and have fun.

Now widely distributed in over 80 countries, the Slime brand came from humble beginnings.

The first bottles of Slime sealant were blended by hand with a power drill and drywall blade in a garage on the Central Coast of California. In such close proximity to mountain biking trails and sandy dunes perfect for off-roading, it didn’t take long for the “green slimy stuff”, as it was often referred to back then, to develop a following. The Slime name stuck—and thirty years later our sealants continue to be at the heart of our business.

With our Slime green sealants still being our core product, our commitment to being green continues to go deeper than the brand color. We are dedicated to creating products that are safe for the user, the tire, and the environment—as solidified by Slime’s Green Promise.

Company Statistics

  • Since 1989, Slime has been a pioneer and innovator in tire sealant and tire repair technology
  • Exported to over 36 countries, Slime is the most widely distributed tire sealant in the world
  • Slime brand products can be found in over 50,000 retail distribution points worldwide
  • OEM customers in the automotive, motorcycle and bicycle industry rely on Slime sealants
  • Distribution facilities include the USA, Europe, Australia and Asia
  • ITW Global Tire Repair is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company

Slime’s Green Promise

Here at Slime our commitment to being green goes deeper than just our brand color. Since 1989, we have been committed to creating products that are safe for our customers, their tires and the environment. ITW Global Tire Repair is a company of Illinois Tool Works Inc. www.itw.com

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